Whitelisting – indispensable in online marketing

Advertise specifically on selected websites - on topic pages that match your products. Whitelisting in online marketing - now easy via releva.nz

Place your message on appropriate topic pages

Whitelisting - indispensable in online marketing

Word has already gotten around that releva.nz is the app of choice when it comes to retargeting. However, their great success has not changed the no less great ambitions of the think tank from Berlin, and it seems as if they will not rest here until they have created the perfect all-round tool.

The Swiss Army knife of marketing, so to speak. Since the app was launched as a pure retargeting plugin, the company has been working diligently and tirelessly on it and constantly adding new smart functions. And the current innovation is the next giant step on the way to a universal multi-tool.

From now on, the possibility of whitelisting is also available, thus entering worlds that open up completely new perspectives in customer acquisition.

Whitelisting? What’s that supposed to be?

To put it in a nutshell: whitelisting basically means nothing more than fishing where the fish are.

Or in “online retailing“: To take place on the websites where the target group romps. For a shop that offers kitchen appliances, it logically makes much more sense to advertise on sites such as chefkoch.de or eatsmarter.de than, for example, on eurogamer.de.

Directly to the releva.nz plugin

Place your ads where your target audience is

Me on spiegel.de? Seriously?

So far, so self-evident. For a long time, the only problem was that it was hardly feasible for smaller retailers to get an advertising space on the large and high-reach sites without incurring expenses.

The cards were distributed in such a way that the big platforms were reserved exclusively for the “big players”, for small shops they usually remained an unattainable dream. It seemed to be one of the natural laws of the market carved in stone. With whitelisting, however, these cards have now been reshuffled again. This makes it possible to have your ads displayed on sites such as spiegel.de or welt.de even with a much smaller budget.

As you would expect from releva.nz, it is of course fully automated and, thanks to smart AI technology, always at the best possible time.

And the whole thing couldn’t be easier, faster and less complicated: You just pick out the most promising sites, put together your own bundle of websites, set your budget, and that’s it!

From now on, the app does its job independently and acquires new prospects for the shop, exactly where they are most likely to be found.

Sounds exciting? Then just click on the button to see this exciting feature in action!

Try it now

To compile your whitelist, you can also contact the »releva.nz team.

Whitelisting and retargeting – an unbeatable combination

It’s also important to remember that these campaigns not only drive sales indirectly through branding, but also provide a direct visitor push by getting people to click on the creatives and thus drive more traffic.

And even if these visitors don’t immediately decide to make a purchase – as soon as they have been in the shop, they are already on the hook, so to speak, i.e. they can be addressed again via high-performance retargeting measures and in many cases finally transformed into satisfied customers.

Here’s how it works in practice:


Thanks to whitelisting, you can now place very targeted advertising even on a small budget, targeting at the level that is otherwise only available to the big players.

The benefits of whitelisting:

  1. Advertise on selected websites: You can now choose sites where your ads will be displayed. This means that you can present your message wherever your potential customers are.
  2. You can reach audiences that previously seemed unreachable: Our whitelisting feature opens up new opportunities to reach customers who are difficult to reach through traditional marketing methods.
  3. Maximum efficiency: By focusing your campaign on your target audience, you increase their effectiveness and efficiency and maximize your returns.

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