Webinar: Optimize your advertising budget with data analytics

Online retailers: Goodbye tracking problems! Watch our webinar to learn how to bundle your marketing channels and optimize your customer journey with an innovative solution. Case study & expert knowledge included!

Are you burning too much advertising budget?

Then our JTL webinar might be just right for you!

JTL Webinar on 23.04.2024

Attention online retailers: Finally get an overview of your marketing channels!

Do you run a JTL shop and use various marketing channels such as retargeting, SEA, social media and the like? Then you’re probably familiar with the problem: sales are hard to track. Without a central tracking solution, it can quickly lead to double counts and a confusing picture of the customer journey. Making well-founded decisions becomes a real challenge.

But that’s over now!

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to keep track of things in the future and potentially save money:

  • Bundling the tracking of all marketing activities: All data in one place – no more fragmented tracking!
  • Comprehensive insights into the customer journey: Gain valuable insights into how your customers interact with your store.
  • Precise attribution of touchpoints: From the first contact to the conclusion of the purchase – you know exactly which marketing measure has achieved which success.

Real-life success story:

Learn how the renowned online retailer “MonsterHopups” implemented a unified tracking solution together with Dominik Feike, CEO and founder of attriXus.

Benefit from expert knowledge:

  • Dominik Feike from attriXus shows you an innovative approach to reliably track your revenue sources
  • Alexander Sauer from releva.nz shows you how to optimize retargeting, SEA, SEO and social media based on the consolidated data.
  • Michael Stepanek from WebStollen sheds light on the GDPR-compliant implementation with powerful consent management and presents the appropriate plugins.

The webinar offers you:

  • Practical tips and tricks for getting the most out of a central tracking solution
  • Exciting insights into the practice of successful online retailers
  • The chance to ask your questions directly to the experts

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