giving something back

Nothing is Forever e.V.

Defeating neurofibromatosis through research.
A rare disease that can cause great suffering and limitations, especially in children. We support the fight against this hereditary disease, which was initiated by the non-profit organisation Nothing is Forever e.V. from Regensburg.
Together we have already achieved a great deal.

Aktion Deutschland hilft

The alliance of German aid organisations helps with disasters in Germany and elsewhere, such as the 2021 flood disaster in western Germany.
We are involved with joint donations from our team at company parties, Christmas parties and other events.

Sea Watch

So that no one has to drown while fleeing!
Sea-Watch e.V. is a non-profit initiative dedicated to civil sea rescue in the central Mediterranean.
We support the organisation’s online shop with free plugin licences.

Regensburger Turnerschaft e.V.

The girls in the e-youth football team are not yet 150 years old, but the traditional club certainly is. Sport, especially for the little ones, is a matter close to our hearts.
WebStollen is a proud shirt sponsor and supports the footballers wherever possible.

TransFAIRiert e.V.

In Hawaii, conditions are often very poor, which means that the childhoods of too many are characterised by poverty, exploitation or even abuse.
The organisation has set itself the task of giving these children and young people a perspective.

Gastfreund­schaft hilft Regensburg e.V.

Hospitality helps is the idea of a number of committed Regensburg residents, including many restaurateurs. Together, the group thought about how they could support the needy and homeless during the coronavirus crisis.
The result was, for example, free coronavirus lunches and food bags for those seeking help.


The #coronakünstlerhilfe initiative, which was founded by filmmaker and singer-songwriter Timm Markgraf & entrepreneur Benjamin Klein, aims to support artists who are in financial difficulties or suffer from mental illness due to Covid-19.
We are happy to donate, as we also meet a lot of artists and creative people.

Stop Colitis ulcerosa

Chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which affects the large intestine, leads to enormous limitations in life and those affected also suffer from uncertainty as to which therapy will bring them relief.
A friend of the founders has dedicated himself to the topic and we are providing support with free hosting and server services.

/** WebStollen is involved

We are part of our society and benefit from the wonderful opportunities it offers us all.

We would also like to give something back and share our success with others.

For this reason, we have been involved for years in various areas such as social issues, charity and youth sports.


How do we get involved?

  • – Regular donations
  • – Event-related fundraising campaigns
  • – Ongoing sponsorship
  • – Support with services

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