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Newsletter - a very effective marketing tool Topics: Legal Certainty, Secure Shipping, Content and Secret of Success

How do I do it right?

Done right, hardly any advertising medium is more efficient than the newsletter. In terms of costs and benefits, this should actually be standard in every online shop.

1. Legal certainty above all else

In these days, it is essential to put newsletter management on a legally secure footing. In addition to the double opt-in, this also includes the correct storage and collection of the data, so that you can also provide valid proof that the collection was carried out correctly.


  • Double Opt-In
  • Enable easy unloading
  • Collect only necessary data
  • Correct storage for proof

2. Management and secure shipping

It’s best to look for a professional newsletter sender, because they have already solved most of the technical and legal problems for you.

You should keep statistics on registration, click rates, open rates, etc., as well as keep an eye on registrations and cancellations. In addition, A/B tests would be useful to find out which newsletter or which time works best.

The newsletter sender should bring all this with him – most of them do so.

In addition, it is important that your newsletters arrive and do not get stuck in the spam filter. The sender should be certified in any case, otherwise you run the risk of ending up on so-called blacklists with your sender and reach your customers only very difficult by e-mail (order e-mails and invoice e-mails can also be affected).

Examples of professional newsletter senders would be: cleverreach, Newsletter2Go or rapidmail

3. The newsletter itself – content as the key to success

Now it gets exciting, because the email itself, which you send, is of course the central element that will ensure the success of the campaign. We recommend:

  • Opening Incentive in Subject Line
    You only have about 50 characters – get specific here (personal salutation, regional reference, value proposition)
  • Don’t forget the preheader
    The preview line (the first part of the text of the NL) is shown in the preview in the e-mail program and is the extended arm of the subject (similar to META Description on websites). This is often neglected and you will find a hint about viewing it in the browser.
  • Success lies in brevity
    Short messages, more information on a landing page, so it would be right.
  • Call to Action
    Clear instructions for action would also be beneficial (“Click here to take part in the competition”, “Save 10 EUR”, etc.)

4. Template – everything goes mobile

As with websites, the mobile trend is no longer to be ignored.

The majority of e-mails are no longer read on the computer, but on the smartphone.

Make sure that your newsletter is readable and looks good on all devices and clients. However, your focus is clearly on mobile devices. Responsive design is also highly recommended here, because over 50% of e-mails are now read on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet)

We are also happy to create a professional newsletter template for our JTL shop plugin Newsletter Hero – just click here

5. Cooperation with the JTL Shop & Success Measurement

Ideally, the sender of your trust has an interface (via plugin) to the JTL shop. This is the easiest way to integrate and process.

With our JTL-Shop plugin Newsletter Hero you not only get interfaces to some newsletter senders (e.g. Cleverreach, Rapidmail, mailchimp, Newsletter2Go), but you can also easily add products and content from your JTL shop to the newsletter without much effort.

High-quality and professional newsletter templates can also be stored there.

With the help of the JTL-Shop campaign tracking, the statistics of the sender and possibly also analytics, you have great tools at hand to measure the success of your newsletter – use them.

And now good luck with your next newsletter campaign.

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