Design relaunch of Sportdeal24.de

In 6 months to a state-of-the-art JTL shop with a custom template made by WebStollen. One shop, a lot of products and a competitive market.

Sportdeal24.de has been supplying the entire DACH region with high-quality sportswear and equipment at a fair price since 2008. With over 60 employees, its own logistics centre and an annual turnover of over 10 million, Sportdeal24.de is one of the largest shops of its kind in Germany. WebStollen was allowed to take over the conception, design and technical implementation of the shop.

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  • Logo Redesign
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom Plugin Developments
  • TechStack
  • 9JTL Shop 5
  • 9Snackys Template

Logo and Design System

In the first step, we worked on the design system, it was a matter of renewing the logo and defining the color scheme for the entire company identity.
The old logo was sometimes a bit too thin, so that it was sometimes difficult to read or print on the web, on business cards or when flocking jerseys.

And step by step, colors, fonts, as well as individual cards and offer areas were designed and coordinated with the marketing department of Sportdeal24.de.

Mobile-first design for maximum conversion rate optimization

Of course, the focus was on the mobile version from the beginning. That’s why we’ve moved the main navigation to the bottom of the mobile area, because you can easily reach everything with your thumb. Thus, the design allows the main navigation, search, shopping cart and account to be accessed very easily and without finger contortions.

Design of the homepage

The homepage essentially received the new logo and the new color scheme. We have designed graphic templates for individual offers in general, so that the marketing and product departments of Sportdeal24.de can adapt them to current offers. Due to the extremely large number of products in this shop, it was necessary to find an ideal solution between light and manageable and goal-oriented in terms of navigation. Thus, the main navigation seems very easy and manageable, while only with Mousover you really become aware of the depth of the page. This powerful navigation is ideally complemented by doofinder’s search. Because the search is super fast and offers many more filtering options. In the following diagram, you can compare the old and the new side well.

Sold on the item view

As soon as the customer has found his product and lands on the article detail page, of course, pictures and the description are successfully sold here. We have manually optimized this page so that the information area and the action area (product selection, color selection, size selection, etc.) and the “add to cart” or checkout area have been separated. This makes it possible to obtain all the desired information about the product, and still buy the product immediately at any time.


Plugins make the shop powerful

In addition to the homework of design and template, you ultimately need a number of plugins that make the shop really fit for the high demands, both functionally and legally, i.e. performance technically.

These WebStollen plugins make Sportdeal24.de unique:

  • Doofinder
  • Mollie
  • EU Cookie
  • Google Tracking
  • Nosto
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Bounce Landingpage

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